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One month subscription + 14000 live channels + 9600 vods


One month subscription + 14000 live channels + 9600 vods

If choosing starlink Omega server, the package consists more of 4k and uhd channels, the order for this package is for one device session! users of this package do not get a 2nd account or url.
The resources of this package is higher, the rate of this package is therefore higher.

This subscription is without device, you can buy an supported device from our page or exteral source.

Every activation code is supported for one device!
We recommend having a fast stable internet connection, plugged with cable.  we also recommend our customers to use a IPTV Settopbox to reduse chance of crashes, it has more memory than a Smart tv.

Our services is Compatible with the following Devices,
Android, Enigma2 Linux, IOS, IPTV Smarters,  m3u/vlc,  mag250(need mac adress)   Smarttv (samsung/lg or sony TV

Order processing time 10 minutes to 2 hours:
If you have not received the login details please check your spam folder. contact us from whatsapp for faster support so we can send user details from whatsapp. Press the Buy On WhatsApp for support in this page.

You can contact us for any support for installing of application.


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