IPTV 12hour Trial


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The test trial are valid for 12 hour, we recommend our customers to use a IPTV


The test trial are valid for 12 hour, we recommend our customers to use a IPTV Settopbox to reduse chance of crashes, IPTV settopboxes has more memory than a Smart Tv’s. 

we recommend if you are going to use wifi that your equipment is as close as possible. The walls around and distance from your WiFi equipment determines your WiFi speed,  if possible we recommend connecting your TV device from wire.

Because many demand for a trial, we can’t supply everyone.
We feel sorry to charge small fee of 1 €, Thank you for your understanding.

Order processing time 10 minutes to 2 hours:

If you have not received the login details please check your spam folder. contact us from whatsapp for faster support so we can send user details from whatsapp. Press the Buy On WhatsApp for support in this page.

You can contact us for any support for installing of application.


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